Social media can be tricky to navigate and it seems like just when you think you’ve cracked the code, your engagement takes a dive and you’re back to square one. While it’s true that there’s no magical formula when it comes to social media or engagement (rather, a combination of strategies), there are a few things you can do to elevate your social media game! We wanted to share with you our top five tips for increasing your engagement if you’ve noticed a drop and taking your social game up a notch.

Create more engaging content


Let’s face it, a *lot* of social media is visual content. Whether it’s images of your products, your service, or anything in between, it’s going to be hard to capture attention with low-quality content. You want to show what you have to offer in the best light and demonstrate to your audience that you are selling a high-quality product or service.


Creating more visually appealing images can really take your social presence up a level. Try experimenting with different shots, such as flatlays. If you offer a service, try showing your face in your images, as users love to see who is behind the business. If you are still struggling with content ideas, SBJ Studios can help you create an incredible content strategy!

Post regular stories


Stories are a *great* way to generate more engagement if you feel like it’s been lacking lately. It lets you get one-on-one with your audience and allows you to interact with them in a more casual manner. Try creating polls, fun questions of the day, or simply ask a question, allowing your audience to respond. Interactions on stories count towards engagement and signify to Instagram that your account is a favourite among your followers.

End your captions with a question


Do you ever write a caption that you are *super* proud of, only to find that no one leaves a comment? It can feel disheartening to create post after post that no one responds to. Often, social media users just need a little nudge in the right direction. Finishing off your caption with a question or a call to action is a great way to encourage conversation in the comments, ultimately boosting your engagement.

Post viral content


This doesn’t mean you have to steal someone’s viral video or try to create something from scratch, it simply means jumping on a trend and creating content that will resonate with everyone. It only takes one relevant meme or funny hashtag for a post to go viral, instantly elevating your social presence.


For example, remember when Netflix show Tiger King burst onto the scene? You could almost guarantee that for about a week, any content surrounding the show would generate mass engagement. Always keep an eye out for what’s trending!

Mix up your hashtags


You might have nailed your hashtag strategy a few months ago, but even the best performing hashtags should be switched around from time to time. If you’ve noticed a significant drop in engagement levels, try creating a new set of 30 hashtags and implementing them into your social media strategy.


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