A One-Step Strategy to Building Your Online Tribe

While I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers [yet], my online “tribe” is growing strong and steady organically each day. YAY!

And being a social media strategist, that’s not by accident – ha!

When I launched my social media pages, I had a comprehensive strategy put in place to ensure my page would grow organically.

So while there is plenty of elements that has put me AND my clients on the road towards social media success… today I am going to let you in on ONE strategy I use, that I believe is THE most crucial when it comes to social media growth.

Ready for it? …


Um… What is it?

Digital Story telling is a strategy that incorporates value and connection. Most people talk about value & connection as separate concepts, but digital-story-telling utilises BOTH to optimise your results.

Lets use Socials By Jarrah as a bit case study to explain what I mean.

I have just over 600 Instagram followers (and I actually love you ALL) but in the big scheme of this IG world? That’s like… not much. And while I’d love to have thousands of followers I don’t need them to generate consistent leads from my dream clients or high percentages of engagement.

What I do need though? Is to be CONSISTENTLY providing VALUABLE content to my 600+ followers.

I have never, ever spoken on here about my services or tried to promote myself on here. But you all know exactly what I offer right?!

That’s because I tell stories, and I communicate in a way that raises awareness of what I offer, while also fostering relationships and connecting with all 600+ of you.

Yep that’s right. It’s called Digital Story Telling.

Why is it important?

In the absence of any other differentiator, your potential client/customer will always decide on PRICE.

If you’re like me, and don’t want to have to compete with every other person within your industry on something as frustrating as price, it is crucial to create a personal brand for yourself that puts you on a pedestal as a thought leader within your industry/niche.

That “differentiator”? It’s providing value to your audience and allowing them to connect with you on a personal level. Think about it, if your potential client/customer already knows, likes and trusts you? You’ll be the *obvious* choice between you & your competitors.

Okay okay – now for the juicy part, the HOW?!

Valuable content is the fuel that will drive the growth of your online tribe.

In order to become a go-to person/brand and a thought leader within your industry, you need to consistently create valuable content. It can be in the form of a blog post, an Instagram caption, a YouTube video, etc.

Basically? This content needs to help your potential customers with their struggles when it comes to your industry.

Don’t freak out, but this means you need to be giving away your very best advice away for free.

Why? Because by giving away your best advice, people will start to see you as the go-to brand/person when they need personalised services/products within your specific industry.

Here’s HOW you’re going to generate this content.

Ask yourself:

1. How can you help your ideal customers/clients?

2. How can your business/expertise help solve these struggles?


3. What advice/tips can you provide your potential customers with that will help them solve these issues and/or educate them on this topic?

These answers? They will generate *loads* of content ideas that will not only attract your target demographic, but will also dramatically increase the growth & engagement of your social media content.

Using my business as an example when using this method; when I sat down to develop my social media strategy, I listed everything I’ve ever been asked about social media and began to right down 2/3 tips to answer each question. I would then turn this into a lengthy Instagram/Facebook caption, blog post, YouTube video, etc. and Boom! There’s my value ready to exchange with my potential clients.

TIP: You need to think about all the questions you get asked, you need to survey your potential clients in particular subject matters they struggle with, research the most shared/read how-to guides within your niche. And then you need to take that information and develop valuable content around it. And you need to do it consistently.


This process will start to build a community of people who are interested in what you have to say and what your services or products have to offer.

People will see the value you have to offer in terms of your expertise and this will the obvious choice when they’re looking to invest within your niche.

This community? It will become your tribe, and your tribe will start recommending you to others, and then you’ll start to become the “go-to person” or the “go-to brand” within your niche.


Tribe Skincare

Kayla (Founder) launched Tribe Skincare, and within less than a year has built exactly that; a “tribe” of almost 20K loyal followers.

Tribe Skincare is a skincare brand for sensitive skin, Kayla has used and continues to use her expertise from a past life as a Skin Clinic owner to do what she calls “Skin Chats” every week – and all her followers LOVE it.

She covers topics like eczema, redness, sensitive skin… and basically anything her potential customers want to learn about when it comes to skincare. The result? A tribe of loyal & engaged followers, all interested in skincare and her products.


Your One & Only

Tara & Stacey are known for being branding experts and thought leaders in the world of design.

These amazing ladies use their blog, and their social media platforms to educate their online community on all things branding, strategy and retail marketing – and it WORKS! I’ve definitely learnt a truck-load from them, so if I ever needed help with my branding/design? You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be going straight to them!

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 2.38.46 pm.png

I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again… but if you’re strategic about managing and optimising your social media through digital story telling, you will build an online tribe that puts you up on a pedestal as the thought leader in your field.

Still feeling stuck?

Let’s dive deep into your business and discover how you can use social media to it’s full potential, and build a business you love. From content marketing to tailored strategy development, I’ll help you kick your social media goals. You can book your free discovery call here.

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