Using Hashtags to Turn Your Followers into Customers

3 mistakes I’ve made as a young entrepreneur

If you’re an OG follower of SBJ’s… you’ll know this business was born when I was just 19. At the time, it was just me; fresh outta’ highschool with literally zero experience in any agency setting (having only worked in hospitality…
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The Importance of Staying Present Online Amidst COVID-19

The world as we know it has changed and it is continuing to change every day. While we are all doing our best to keep up with these changes, the reality is that a lot of businesses are looking very different to how they once were. Whether you…
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How to Be Authentic on Instagram

“Authenticity” seems to be the buzz-word of 2019. The experts will tell you that maintaining authenticity on social media is crucial to growing your audience, selling your products and fostering a loyal community. And… They’re right. But…

Why your Scarcity Mindset is Stagnating your Growth

As females, we are unknowingly taught from a young age to compare ourselves against each other in [quite literally] every way. From our bodies, to how “fun” we are, to who has a nicer husband/partner, … right down to our intellectual…
A One-Step Strategy to Building Your Online Tribe

A One-Step Strategy to Building Your Online Tribe

While I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers [yet], my online “tribe” is growing strong and steady organically each day. YAY! And being a social media strategist, that’s not by accident – ha! When I launched…

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