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As you might have already heard, Facebook Ads and Apple iOS 14 changes are coming in soon. Today, we’re diving into what this update is, how it might affect you, and what to do to prepare. But… before we dive in, we want to assure you that there is absolutely no need to panic! There are still a lot of unknowns – with many advertisers to be affected very minimally because of the types of ads they are running. Plus, we had enough panicking in 2020 😉❤️

In this email, we will explain:

  1. What the update is
  2. How the Apple iOS 14 update will affect us
  3. Actions we’re taking now to prepare
  4. How to set up Domain Verification in Facebook

What exactly is the update?

Apple will be showing iOS users on the Facebook and Instagram App a popup message allowing them to opt out of data tracking across “Websites owned by other companies”.


A few things to note…

  • There are still a lot of unknowns so some of this is speculation on how things will work
  • We don’t know how many people will opt out when they see this prompt
  • We don’t know exactly when this prompt will show up
  • These changes will affect other advertisers too: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Google.

How will the iOS update affect us?

Good question. Let’s break it down…

  • Tracking/Reporting – Any tracking such as Purchases, Add to Cart, Leads, custom conversions, etc. with the Pixel will now be under-reported due to people “opting out” of tracking.
  • Optimisation – the update will change how we can optimise your ads activity, how many campaigns we can run at once and the dynamic functions.
  • Targeting – There may be less data to use as it won’t all be captured.

These changes are ONLY for people using iOS devices when they update to iOS 14. Data tracking will still work on Android, Desktop and for people who DON’T opt out.

What actions can we take to prepare?

  1. Get your Domain Verified. This is a new requirement from Facebook. Luckily, Zoya [SBJ’s Facebook Ads & Digital Strategy Specialist] has recorded an ah-mazing 4 minute video walking you through exactly how to do this – see below!
  2. Started analysing and understanding how many of your purchases and other events are from iOS devices, so you know how your reporting might be impacted once the update rolls out.
  3. Choose which Conversion Events you will use if you have more than 8.
  4. Adjust any campaigns using features that will change.
  5. Potentially focus some or more of our ad efforts on collecting email addresses so that we can rely less on Pixel optimisation for retargeting. We can use Lead Generation or Conversion Ads for this but Lead Generation ads will have an advantage in the future with the Apple update.

How to Verify Your Domain with Facebook

This new requirement [in a nutshell] will allow Facebook to confirm you definitely own the domain we’re sending traffic to through your ads – so it’s an important step!

Our incredible FB Ads & Digital Strategy Specialist, Zoya, has recorded an ah-mazing 4 minute video for our clients to walk them through exactly how to do this. After some great feedback, we thought we’d share it with our wider community.


Annnnd, that’s all for now folks!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.





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