How to Use Digital Story Telling to Double Your Engagement

Digital Story Telling

So um… what is it?

Everyone says it’s important… but what actually is it?

I remember the first time I heard the term “Digital Story Telling” – it sounded amazing… but I had no clue how to apply it to my own business. I’ve since learnt how show stopping (or should I say scroll-stopping – ha!) it can be on literally any social media platform.

Digital Story telling is all about creating CONNECTION within your content & captions. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not connecting with your audience… why are they following you?
If you’re a small biz, this is where you have a HUGE advantage over larger organisations – and I can’t express enough how important it is you take advantage of this tool.

In a sentence, digital story telling gives you the opportunity to sell your services/products WITHOUT ACTUALLY PROMOTING THEM.


Here’s what I mean…

Lets say you’re a hairdresser wanting to show off a new style you did on one of today’s clients.

A promotional caption would look a bit like this:

“Fresh blonde belayage for Emma today! Appointments available next week – DM for bookings.”

But a DIGITAL STORY caption would look like this:

“I think what I love most about my job is the opportunity I get to transform not only my client’s hair, but also their confidence.

Watching Emma walk out of the salon today with a huge smile and fresh belayage made me feel SO grateful I get to do this for a living… because how GOOD is getting your hair done!

What makes you feel your most confident girls?”

Even writing that makes me want to book my next hair appointment. But seriously guys… do you see what I mean?

Here’s a real life example from my literal FAVES at The Digital Picnic (TDP).

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.42.45 pm.png

See how TDP tell a story, but also show us exactly what they do? Yep – I know what you’re thinking, absolute GOLD right?

Too often I see small business make the tragic mistake of leaving their captions as an after-thought, when really, they are JUST as important as the actual photo you’re sharing. Which leads me to my next point…

Trigger Emotion

Think about it… when have you ever stopped scrolling through your feed for something that doesn’t set off an emotion in you? Whether it’s a funny quote, a beautiful place, a cute puppy, or those shoes you’ve been wanting to get your hands on for months now… they all had something in common. Each of them made you FEEL something. These posts are more-often-than-not the posts that encourage the highest engagement levels.

So, if your content or caption is bland and isn’t likely to trigger emotion, trust me when I say you’re better off NOT posting it than posting it. No seriously – I mean it. The Facebook & Instagram algorithims will literally put these at the back of your follower’s feed if they’re not engaging your audience.

Give Your Followers a Reason to Engage

By adding a question somewhere in your caption, you’re giving your followers a “call to action” to engage with your post. I know, sounds basic, but there is a few things to keep in mind if actually want this to work:

1.     A generic “What are you up to today?” WON’T work. Nobody is going to answer a question voluntarily if they’re not excited to tell you the answer!

2.     Make the question relevant to your photo/caption.

3.     Reply to your follower’s answers! Not only does this build a relationship between you & your potential customer but it also encourages them to engage on your future posts.

Here’s a perfect example. Cat from Content Savvy knows EXACTLY how to get her audience to talk with a simple, effective & relevant question:

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 8.41.07 pm.png

Annnnd, that’s it! Not so bad huh?

Seriously – its called SOCIAL media for a reason. It’s time we stop looking at this platform as a way to advertise and rather look at it as a way to build a COMMUNITY. Am I right?

Happy digital-story-telling,

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