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How many times have you sat looking at your screen with no idea what to say? Writing social media captions is a lot harder than it seems! And writer’s block seems to hit you at the most inconvenient times. While social media (particularly Instagram) relies heavily on having good quality visuals, what you have to say is ultimately just as important. The accompanying caption gives a voice to your brand and lets you deep dive into what your content is really about.

A caption explains what your photo is, educates your followers and brings personality to your business. A scroll-stopping caption means more time spent reading your post and therefore, more engagement. But what do you do when the words just aren’t flowing or things just aren’t looking right? Here at SBJ, we love words (can you tell?) and we’re sharing our best tips for writing a killer caption – every time!

First things first

If your first line doesn’t grab the attention of your audience, you’ll have a hard time getting them to stick around to read the rest of your caption. When beginning your caption, keep in mind that it should always provide context, add personality and inspire or educate. Deliver a punchy first line to spark your audience’s curiosity before you dive into the crux of what you want to say. Ensure everything you write is on brand and consistent in tone of voice. Whether it’s an exclusive offer, a hard-hitting question or an emotional post, your first line should always leave your followers wanting to know more. Play around with a couple of options and see which one would have you stopping.

Break up long captions

Let’s face it, if something is difficult to read, chances are most people will skip over it altogether. If your caption is going to be a lengthy one, make sure you space out your information to make it easier to read. Whether you use emojis, line breaks or symbols, a killer caption is always easy to digest. We schedule our posts in Plann – and the line spacing is automatic.

Add a call-to-action

Ultimately, you want your audience to take some sort of action from your post. Whether that’s to visit your website, answer a question in the comments or to shop online, a call-to-action goes a long way. The perfect caption encourages your audience to engage with your brand in one way or another. Even simply writing ‘double tap if you agree with us’ is a great way to drive engagement at the end of a caption. Asking a question is a fantastic way to build your community and encourage a discussion, while asking your audience to head to your website is great for driving traffic. An engaging caption always ends with a way for your followers to take action.

Include emojis – but not too many!

Emojis can easily help to take your caption from boring to fun! They can draw in attention and add personality to a post. Using the same emojis in your captions can also help add to your brand and keep everything on-theme, consistently across your posts. It’s important to not go overboard, though. A few emojis are great – too many and you will turn your followers off!

Keep these in pillars mind

When writing captions, we like to consider whether it is inspirational, personal, educational or entertaining. Keeping these content pillars in mind will go a *long* way in helping you to write a killer caption. They give your post a purpose and ultimately prevent you from losing the focus of the caption. Before writing your caption, ask yourself which of these factors it touches on and whether it is serving a purpose. Remember, even entertaining captions serve your audience!

Captions can cause many of us to feel frustrated but by keeping these points in mind, you will be well on your way to writing killer, scroll-stopping captions for every post!

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