As females, we are unknowingly taught from a young age to compare ourselves against each other in [quite literally] every way.

From our bodies, to how “fun” we are, to who has a nicer husband/partner, … right down to our intellectual capabilities, … and so on.

As females in business? This habit can quickly turn utterly toxic and essentially prevents us from unlocking our own authentic potential as female founders.

When starting a business, the first thing we do as females… is the only thing we’ve been taught to do in times of self-doubt. Compare and envy.

And ultimately? This is what leads us to adopting a “scarcity mindset”, i.e. never feeling good enough, no matter *how many* achievements we have under our belts.

And that right there? That mindset? Its the *fastest* path to start-up death. It is the very obstacle we must all cross, and continue to cross [particularly in business] if we intend to grow our businesses from startups to thriving companies + businesses.

So when I found out yesterday that a fellow business owner is paying $400 per annum to “spy on their competitors” [me] through a platform called, it reminded me of how detrimental the scarcity complex can be to our own growth – personally and professionally.

Spending $400 per annum (in CatchLetter’s words) to “monitor ALL of the emails sent to subscribers from your competitors websites… check how their marketing strategies are setup, and then use them to improve your own campaigns” – is quite literally the opposite of investment. Why not spend that $400 per annum on your Facebook Ad campaigns? A brand photography photo shoot? Or, since you’re struggling with email marketing, perhaps a course in email marketing strategy?

My point here? The moment you shift away from the scarcity mindset, the habit of comparing ourselves to each other, and viewing fellow female founders as “competition”, … is the very moment our OWN capabilities begin to shine through.

We start to see the success of others as an inspiration rather than a threat. A reminder of not our own faults, but the strength of our industry / community.

So I urge you, applaud your own successes and happily-acknowledge those of other’s. Because THAT is where the real growth happens.

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