When it comes to Facebook, your analytics can be an incredible resource for understanding how your business is performing and whether your social media strategy is working. It’s a great way to take your business to the next level and also allows you to run successful marketing campaigns.


If you are just starting out, Facebook Insights can feel very overwhelming. It’s hard to know exactly what you should be looking at and what it is trying to tell you. With such a diverse range of data available to you, we’re breaking down the most important analytics to pay attention to and how they can help your business thrive online.



This is your one-stop-shop when it comes to your insights. It’s a great way to see how your page is performing overall and gives you a snapshot of a few key metrics. You can also adjust the timeline to analyse different metrics across various timeframes. The summary page is the easiest way to get a quick look at what your page is accomplishing.



This is one of the most valuable sections of your analytics, as it allows you to *really* dive deep into how your posts are performing. Not only this, it allows you to see the top days and times of the week when your audience is online – this allows you to post when they are most active! Keeping an eye on how your posts are performing will tell you what type of content your audience responds to (and, therefore, what type of content to post). The ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’ sections will show you the exact content that is generating the most discussion in your community.



The followers page will help you to analyse and compare the growth of your Facebook page. It will show you the number of new followers compared with the number of unfollows, as well as where exactly your follows are coming from. An insight into your followers is important to have when you are monitoring the performance of your page over time.



Want to know how many eyes are on your content? This is the place to be! Each time someone views your post at least once, it adds to your post reach number. This powerful tool allows you to really understand your organic reach as well as if your campaigns are successful. Comparing your post reach week to week will give you a deeper understanding of how your content is performing and whether your audience is seeing and responding to it. The reach insight also lets you monitor how people are reacting to your post (likes, comments, shares) and allows you to compare your average performance over time.



The people insight is *super* important for understanding your audience on a deeper level. It breaks down demographics such as age, gender and location in regards to who is following your page. Why is this so important? It allows you to tailor your content to who is specifically following you. If your insights tell you that the majority of your followers are females aged between 25-34, you know that is who your content is being seen by the most!


While there is so much more that can be analysed with Facebook Insights, these tabs are a great start and can really help you gain a deeper understanding of your page’s performance as well as your audience – especially if you are feeling overwhelmed as a beginner!

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